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Flared Jeans

Flared jeans belong to the boot cut and the bell bottom category of jeans. These jeans characteristically flare as you go downwards. These jeans became quite a rage among the men in Europe and North America in the seventies. Soon the flared jeans became a trademark of the hippies. In the seventies, flares were worn by men when going clubbing or to disco parties.

This style gives you a leaner and a slimmer look, and that is what was the main appeal of these jeans that made it a major fashion statement. The characteristic style of the flared jeans gives a classy and an elegant look. But, they are not so much in fashion today among men. The straight cut has taken over the current fashion scenario among men.

The flare varies and you can pick the size and style of your choice. Also, the flare size and styles also varies with the brands manufacturing them. The jeans are generally tighter at the hips and knees and flare down towards your feet. But, today, mens flared jeans that are manufactured aren’t as tight at the hips and the knees as they used to be in the seventies.

A nice pair of flared jeans coupled with great boots that get well accommodated in the flare of the pants can make you look like really stylish and classy. Though they haven’t completely disappeared from the men’s fashion scenario, they aren’t too common either these days. It would be a bit of a long shot to expect flares to come back on the scene in a big way especially with the popularity of slim fit denim but stranger things have happened.

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