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Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans entered the fashion scene somewhere in the early 1990s, but they were still not a rage, which they turned into in the mid nineties with the advent of hip hop culture and style that replaced the grunge style.

Baggy jeans are those with extremely relaxed fit at the waist and thighs. But, the fashion among the young college going boys is to wear these jeans oversized so that they are loose enough to fall low at the waist and their underwear band is exposed. Baggy denim strongly signify the hip hop and street fashion. When they were first introduced to the suburban malls, this style became a rage among the kids, especially boys with Ecko baggy jeans being one of the most popular.

The initial mens baggy jeans used to be typically medium blue washed denims. Then stone washing became quite popular since it resulted in much softer denim. Guess and JNCO manufactured expensive and designer versions. Then gradually, distressed finishes and vintage washed baggy denim became popular giving the jeans a nice rustic and an aged look.

Big and comfortable baggy jeans coupled with either flip flops or boots and a nice t- shirt is the ultimate style statement for a guy that spells comfort, rawness and an unassuming cool attitude.

With great comfort along with great style that this style of jean exude, they are sure to be around for a good while.

The baggy styles or hip hop jeans as they were referred to became a rage only in the mid nineties, and ever since then have not looked back, thanks to the impact of the pop culture on the world youth. They are highly comfortable, very stylish and represent the youth.

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