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Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut  jeans are pants that kick out from the knees downwards, dont mistake them for a flare as they are not that extreme. This style came into fashion for men in North America and Europe in the late sixties and a major portion of 1970s. Soon, bootcut style became a fashion statement among the hippies. Men donned the look in the seventies for clubbing and disco parties.

Mens bootcut jeans seem appealing because they tend to give a slimmer and a lean look. They can enhance your body type to look rather stylish and sleek. With its unique style, this style of denim is sometimes preferred in a business scenario. Though currently they are not exactly the number one choice in jean fits, they are coming back into fashion with a bang. The flare of the bootcut varies with the brands that you choose, but the flares come in varying styles and sizes, so you get to choose the ones you like and the ones that suit to the best.

Its unique style – tight at the hips and knees and flaring out towards your feet, the boot cut jeans have managed to grab the attention of everyone from women to men. Generally, for men, the boot cut is loose all the way. Boot cut jeans with the flare falling over and accommodating the boots, makes men look lean, stylish and cool. Many brands still produce this styl as part of their core range, brands such as Jack and Jones, G Star and Earnest Sewn

Bootcut jeans keep coming and fading out of the fashion scene, but this is one style that can never be ignored for long. The style of flaring as you go downwards has managed to capture the imagination of both men as well as women around the world. They go excellently with a pair of good boots, with the flares of the jeans accommodating them perfectly.

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