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Move over zipper fly. Bring on the button fly. Yes, button fly jeans are very much in fashion today in the men’s denim circuit. They quite obviously make use of buttons instead of a zipper, which some find convenient and some don’t.

Yes, it is true that button flies are more time consuming than their counterparts and can prove to be slightly cumbersome. With a zipper fly, there is only one zip to handle, but with a button fly, you have to deal with four to five buttons each time. No wonder, then that zipper flies have lasted for decades. Let us see, if the button flies last in the years to come. Of course, one major advantage of a button fly over the zipper fly is that, there is chance of your fly “being left open”.

Button flies have come into the fashion scene just as one of the many designs that come every year, not because it scores better than zipper flies or anything. The mens button fly fashion has received mixed reactions from men all over the world. Some find it just too tedious to deal with, while some find it more appealing and comfortable as compared the zipper flies.

Before the zipper was invented, it was the age of the button flies. But, with the advent of the zippers, the zipper flies took over and the button option was lost somewhere in the oblivion, until recently.

Button flies have entered the fashion scene, and let us see how long they last as compared to their counterparts – zipper flies. Here you have to deal with buttons instead of a zipper; that is the sole difference. Some find button flies comfortable and stylish, while there are many who prefer the zippers. So, as of now, let us wait for the final verdict.

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