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Carpenter Jeans

Carpenter jeans are a type of jeans that are designed with numerous pockets and various loops which can help carry a lot of stuff around in the jeans. Generally, carpenters and construction workers prefer these sort of jeans, making it easier for them to carry around their various tools that can be easily accessible. Thus, the name, Carpenter jeans.

They are generally designed as dungarees that are waist high. Blue denims are often used to design carpenter jeans. Canvas is also often used instead of the blue denims. The ideal mens carpenter jeans design involves a “hammer loop” that is stitched at the mid thigh region along with several other pockets distributed all about. Wide belt loops are one of its prominent features that can be used to don a thick and a wide belt. They are designed to be extremely loose fitting.

They are more of functional jeans rather than a fashion statement. Carpenter jeans make use of softer denims unlike other jeans. During the 90s, they became popular especially among the hip hop aficionados.

Worn with the right attitude they can make men look very stylish. And it is so comfortable what with its loose fit and many pockets, you won’t feel like wearing any other jeans after that. Though carpenter jeans not highly recommended by the fashionistas, but there is no mistaking they are quite funky, stylish, cool and ultra comfortable. Wrangler carpenter jeans and Carhartt carpenter jeans are a couple of the most popular available.

So, although not too common on the men’s fashion circuit, they can look really good and can make any guy look rugged and stylish. So, don’t hesitate to get a pair of carpenter jeans and you will be at your comfortable best as well as fashionable best.

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