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Carrot Fit Jeans

Carrot fit jeans are a kind of jean that are quite similar to the skinny fit that has become so popular over the years. Carrot fit basically refers to the fact that when these jeans are worn the shape they take is similar to that of a carrot and hence the name. The hip and thigh is wider while the jeans taper down to a very narrow leg opening to give the appearance of a carrot. This jean does not differ very much from the skinny fit jean. The appearance of this jean is more prominent in women’s carrot fit jeans. However, men’s jeans have also been designed in this fit by big brands like Diesel, Replay, Nudie, Edwin, Humor, Hugo Boss etc and is fast becoming a must have fashion fit. Like other jeans in a slim and skinny fit, this jean in quite a rage amongst men everywhere. With the different washes and looks available today, these jeans have become even more appealing.

They can be worn with a slick formal shirt and a blazer if you are going out partying or clubbing. You can also team it with a great looking well styled jacket if you like. These jeans also look great with a nice contrasting t-shirt if you decide to go grab a coffee instead. And who says you can’t be stylish if you choose to take a walk yourself or walk your dog. The mens carrot fit jeans are appropriate and suited to any occasion and are always capable of making a loud style statement anywhere you go. See the different washes there are available with the different brands. It is advisable that you pick jeans of this fit if they aren’t overloaded with details.

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