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Distressed Jeans

The term distressed jean is just another name for “destroyed” jeans. These sorts of jeans look all worn out, with colour faded off at some places, rips and cuts in appropriate regions. Distressed jeans are very much in fashion today. These jeans though look worn out and battered (anything but new and neat), they are still very much in style and have been seen worn at elite social parties, clubs etc.

Distressed jeans give men a casual, unassuming, and effortless style with a rugged attitude. All men have to do is pair a good pair of distressed jeans with a nice simple T-shirt, with boots or flip–flops complementing your jeans, and they are ready, looking the business.

These jeans have been in fashion for a long time now and is especially popular among the younger guys. A jean with cuts and rips at the knees, or the thighs with loose threads hanging out, and the faded patches, should ordinarily be thrown away and indicate a time to get new ones. But, this look caught on big time with the youth all over the world, and today, are very common and people are ready to spend big bucks on mens distressed jeans. These jeans do not seem like they will go off the fashion circuit for a long time to come. So, all the guys grab a pair of distressed jeans or distress your jeans yourself, and you will be in the latest fashion league. For a good place to start check out PRPS jeans, they are simply the best at messed up denim

They really have captured the imagination of youth world wide and you can really get creative with them. A slit here and a slit there, a sewn patch here and a torn patch there and you have got yourself a distressed jean making you look cool as f@** if you can carry it off with panache.

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