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Loose Jeans

Loose jeans spell comfort, style and class all at the same time. They are very much in fashion in the men’s denim market. Loose fit jeans are very simple and yet offer you style and a lot of comfort. Many people mistake loose for baggy jeans. But, they are two completely different styles. Baggy jeans are looser fitting and sit much lower than the loose fit. The loose jeans are more of straight comfort fit.

Mens loose fit jeans fall in between regular and baggy fits. They are much looser and comfortable than slim jeans which stick to your legs hardly giving you room to breath, whereas the baggy jeans are too loose giving you too much of room. So, one can call the loose fit the “perfect” jeans.

They can look casual and sporty when paired with a simple t-shirt and sneakers or could also look formal and classy when paired with a nice shirt and boots. Versatility of loose fit denim is unmatched and this is one of the many reasons why they have been a best seller this long and will pretty much  never go out of style.

A perfect fit can do wonders for you and make you look proper BO i tell thee! So, if you haven't got a pair yet what are you waiting for? Hurry up and buy a pair or even better a couple of pairs because they are very much the fasion and are very comfortable. What more can you ask for. Its fashion mixed with comfort when it comes to loose fitting jeans and that is the way it should be. Take a look at Firetrap, Voi, Billionaire Boys Club, Money, Ed Hardy and Evisu for some of the best styles on offer.

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