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Low Rise Jeans

Low rise jeans are quite popular among men today. They are designed to be worn just off the hips. Low rise jeans are also called as hip huggers, low cut jeans or low riders. The fashion of wearing this style of jeans had made an appearance in the sixties but, had soon faded off until recently (1990s and 2000s) when it took the world of jeans fashion by storm.

These jeans are called low rise because, unlike their counterparts, they are worn quite low, sitting a fair bit below your belly button. The lower the jeans, the zipper length proportionally reduces. They had made an appearance in the sixties owing to the advent of the hippie culture and the psychedelic music.  But, this fashion did not catch up then. It was only the nineties and the 2000s that the low rise jeans caught the imagination of the people. It is especially popular among the college going crowd.

Now most jean brands manufacture mens low rise jeans, and its popularity has increased so much so that, finding high rise jeans has become a problem. The low rise style of jeans is quite flexible. This fit of jeans could be tight or they could be baggy, straight fit, flared or distressed. Denim players such as Diesel, Replay, Citizens of Humanity, Hudson and Nudie can be a good place to look for them.

The low rise jeans have caught up quite strongly among men and does not seem they would go out of fashion anytime soon. Pair up a good low rise jean with a nice t- shirt and you are ready to go. The popularity of low rise only seems to be increasing by the day, especially among the young crowd and definitely looks really stylish and good.

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