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Denim Shorts

Denim shorts have been around in men’s fashion for a long time. With the right styling they really can look great. Cargo shorts with oversized pockets and distressed shorts made from an old pair of jeans can all look pretty cool.

For a long time denim shorts were completely replaced by khaki and cotton shorts. But they are starting to creep back in. The styling however is of upmost importance.

With a variety of styles like knee length or 3/4 length ones. They can be either loose or they can be slimmer. Also the shorts could be high rise or low rise. Generally people cut of their old pair of jeans to make their own shorts. But that leads to the loose fringes hanging which needs to be finished right to give a decent look. They can be worn at home or while going out for a game of tennis on a Sunday.

These days, jean shorts are high fashion amongst women and only just making a splash in the mens market. But, with the right look and price there is definitely room for a comeback in the future. So, try and resist a hack job at an old pair of jeans, unless you are one of those guys that can truly pull it off, and keep your eye on brands like Voi Jeans, G Star, Firetrap, diesel, Bench and Jack Jones who can be relied upon to get the mens denim short look spot on.

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