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Skinny Jeans

The skinny fit had started to gain prominence with the advent of the rock culture and the emo culture. Especially since the 1950s, skinny jeans took the men’s fashion world by storm and almost everyone who was anyone was seen wearing them. Stars like Mick Jagger made the skinny jean synonymous with youth of today. In the seventies, this denim look became even more a prominent fashion statement.

Mens Skinny fit jeans are designed to hug your legs tight revealing their shape. If you have toned, slim and long legs, there is nothing better than this kind of fit to accentuate and enhance them. This look is normally attributed to rock stars. Take a look at the likes of Cheap Monday jeans and Do Denim for some great skinny fits

But, slowly this look began to lose its popularity somewhere in the late nineties and although today there is still a strong following of lads that look great in skinny’s not everyone gets away with it. So inevitably it is slowing down a little. The straight and loose fit jeans have almost completely taken over mens skinny jeans, one of the reasons being, the loose fit denim is much more comfortable especially for the guys that have any meat on their legs.

The popularity that it had gained in its prime time cannot be ignored nor can the skinny style. It will always have its place in certain men’s fashion circles just like it did in the sixties and the seventies. Its just a shame that guys skinny jeans only look good on a select few.

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